Monthly Archives: November 2018

The Great Boxing Day Battle, 2019

Our Battle takes place near the playground in Exhibition Park on December 26th at 2pm (weather permitting). Its a great way for everyone to get outside and work out some of the sillies that may have built up over the holiday season.  To paraphrase The Grinch:  Save up your ribbons. Save up your tags. Save up your…
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Fantastic Beats (and where to find them) — a Family Dance Party!

We solemnly swear we are up to some good... We’re having another Family Dance Party – the day after a certain magical movie hits the theatres (*cough*FANTASTIC BEASTS 2*cough*).   Join us at the eBar on Saturday November 17th, 1-4pm.  Get your wand permits in good order, then Accio your tickets from Snap’d Guelph online.  As…
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