Family Dance Party! (Space Theme)

Family Dance Party! (Space Theme)

Dance like you’re on the Dark Side, at the EPNG family dance party on Saturday November 14th 3:30pm-6:30pm at Ebar. This time, it’s a space theme in honour of a certain mega movie coming out in December. Want tickets to go see that? Join our mailing list at our family dance and you could win tickets to see the new Star Wars at a local theatre. Tickets for our family dance are just $5 each, (kids 3 years and under dance free!). We encourage kids to dress up if they want to (parents you can dress up too). And for all you thirsty parents, Ebar will be running a cash bar.

As usual, this will be a ‘Generation Gap’ dance, which means that we play one song from our generation, and one song from theirs.  SO they can introduce us to their EX’s and OH’s, and we can introduce them to AXEL ROSE.

Want tickets? Get them online at  or you can get them at The Bookshelf.
Tickets sell out fast, and remember they go up in price to $7 each at the door, so make sure you buy yours before.

Dress up. Rock out. Dance like a Wookiee.

Want to download the EPNG_familydance_starwars_flyer? Be sure to check out the back for Santa Claus Parade info- Sunday November 15th.