Kids Superhero Half Marathon

Kids Superhero Half Marathon

The Superhero Run for KidsAbility is already a great event, running and walking for children and youth with special needs around Exhibition Park, dressed as your favourite superhero. This year it’s on Sunday, June 21st.

Our tie-in activity — the “Kids Superhero Half Marathon” — encourages kids to be active by running or walking a total of 20.1 km in the six weeks leading up to the “Superhero Run for KidsAbility”. The final 1km will be run at the Superhero Race, dressed up as your favourite superhero, to the cheering of crowds of spectators!  (a half marathon is 21.1 km in total).

This is a “super” opportunity for kids to enjoy the benefits of good health and well being through physical activity. Establish a new tradition of activity for your whole family that’s fun, exciting and great for self-confidence.

It’s easy:

  1. Walk or run a total of 20.1 km at school or home, between May 10th and June 20th 
  2. You can count a maximum of 2 km/day.  Want some motivation?  Check our calendar for group running times.
  3. Keep track of your distances on the official “Kids SuperHero Half Running Log” (download it here, then print & fold). Need help calculating?  Use an online Google pedometer, or sign out a pedometer from Guelph Public Library.
  4. Register for the Superhero Run online (cost: $ 15).
  5. Bring your completed log to the race day for verification.
  6. Optional: collect sponsors to fundraise for KidsAbility. We suggest asking family & friends to sponsor you 1$/km. That’s 21$ per kid, per sponsor! You can set up a fundraising site when you register if you want so you can be easily sponsored online.

Note: There is also a 5km race (cost $30) – you can run that instead if you have trained to do that distance and your parents say it’s ok! That will still count towards your Superhero Half!