Outdoor Skating Rinks

Winter can be a lot of fun if you can find things to do in the sunshine... other than shoveling!  Fortunately, Guelph has a great tradition of co-operation between citizens and the city (and sometimes even Mother Nature) who build lovely outdoor skating rinks for everyone to enjoy.  There are two rinks in our neigbourhood:

  • Exhibition Park, Kathleen Street side, near the ball diamonds.
  • Herb Markle Park, off Cardigan.

These are built and maintained on a volunteer basis by your neighbours, who always appreciate an extra hand or a thank you.  Please help keep the rinks in good condition by being mindful of any instructions posted (e.g. "rink closed due to thaw; no skating until repairs are made") -- repairing a rink can take much more work than maintaining a properly-used one.

We are pleased to host updates for the Exhibition Park rink on our website (thanks to volunteer Jim!) -- check us out before heading to skate.  Anyone wishing to help maintain this rink is invited to get in touch with Jim: jimwadleigh {at} rogers.com.

Photo credit: Derek Alton, seekingcommunity.ca blog entry.

Photo credit: Derek Alton, seekingcommunity.ca blog entry.

For a nice insight into the magic of outdoor rinks, see Derek Alton's blog entry: The Perfect Outdoor Rink.

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