Rock The Block Box

Have you heard about the EPNG’s “Rock the Block Box”?

Funded by a GNSC GO-Grant, the box has most of what you need to host a street party, a group picnic in the park, or a friendly neighbourhood potluck.  This party-in-a-box kit contains re-useable dishes, cups, stainless flatware, serving items, and even the kitchen sink (aka a washing-up basin); there are enough place settings for 40 adults and 30 children!   You can reserve it for your event date and borrow it for free.  When your event is over just give everything a good wash, count the bits as you pack them up, and drop it off for the next event.

The “Rock the Block Box” was built to help you save time and money (you don’t have to shop for plastic forks!) while also doing a tiny bit to help the environment (you don’t have to throw away any plastic forks!).  But mostly it was built to make it easier for friends and neighbours to gather together and have a good time.  Because when we get together, we rock!

A street party

Neighbours making good use of the supplies from the Rock the Block Box!

Get in touch with us via to reserve the Rock the Block Box for your next big gathering.