Family Dances

One of our most popular events are our Family Dances. Held 2-3 times a year, and usually hosted by eBar, these sell-out dances will make your whole family get up and boogie. Sometimes there are themes: disco, 80's, book n' boogie; and sometimes it's what we call a Generation Gap dance where we play one song from the parents generation and one song from the kids generation. So the kids can find out who The Clash is, and we can find out what's making that Boom Clap sound!

Our dances are a great opportunity to reconnect with your kids and your neighbours. We like to say that it's like date night and a play date all in one. The ticket sales stay in our community too! We make sure to use it to hold local community events, help local charaties and feed local businesses!

Hope to see you at our next family dance, after all a community that dances together stays together!

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