The Great Boxing Day Battle, 2019

Our Battle takes place near the playground in Exhibition Park on December 26th at 2pm (weather permitting). Its a great way for everyone to get outside and work out some of the sillies that may have built up over the holiday season.  To paraphrase The Grinch:  Save up your ribbons. Save up your tags. Save up your packages, boxes and bags. THEN… construct your crazy battle gear out of it!  Build some box armour, make a few paper cannonballs, maybe decorate a cardboard tube and name it Excaliber — and then meet us  at the park.  We’ll have a big rumpus until we wear ourselves out.

The Standard Rules of Chivalry apply: no swordplay above the shoulders, be nice to the little ‘uns, and don’t make fun of the grown-ups if they show up in silly hats.

Bring a re-useable mug and we’ll bring hot cocoa to share.

Boxing Day Battle participantsSee you there!